Fading Rose ….. and the YMG July 2012

We have roses growing in the garden and it’s good to cut some and bring them inside. This little vase-full had given us considerable pleasure for a week or so, but all too soon they got beyond themselves and began drooping and fading – time to throw them out and start again. But hang on a minute … before you do……

It’s surprising (or perhaps not!) that the fading of things has a beauty about it as a process that we all too easily miss. It seemed to me that here was the subject for a “still-life” that would be worth the effort. So I sought out some black fabric for a background and made the images, lit by what was coming through the windows, and particularly the skylights in that part of the house. I may need to plead guilty to having upped the saturation of the colours a touch, but in truth not by very much, and I really quite like the results.

The first shot, of the complete “display” appeals because of its story I think. At the top are buds as yet unburst, leading down to a still relatively “blooming” rose. Then comes the great transition through drooping and even contorted blooms down to fallen petals, which seem to find new colours in their dying. Is that entropy?

How does the YMG fit into this? Only in that I went to my second meeting of the group last Sunday, when the speaker was Dianne Owen FRPS, whose work was very impressive. (I use that word carefully because while I was impressed with her great skill and talent, I’m not altogether sure whether in my guts I really liked it!). Her speciality seems to be sort of still life, but with considerable creative use of photoshop to produce results which are as much “painterly” as photographic (see her website). It certainly did awake an interest in the “still life” concept using things other than vases of flowers, fading or otherwise. I haven’t yet done anything with that (my fading rose predates it) but might just get round to it!

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