Dales Shoot July 2012

This was a day out taking photographs with a small group from the camera club. The proposed route took in Linton, West Burton and Hardraw which have fast flowing water in common and on a day as mixed as any this year there was water in abundance! The places are beautiful without doubt and emphasise as they always do what a privilege it is to live in easy reach of the Dales, and so it proved to be an excellent day in good company.

I do confess though that while I am basically quite pleased with the results, they are a touch “chocolate box top” for my taste. There is perhaps a pattern emerging which suggests where I think my interests lie photographically. The images from Sowerby Bridge and some of those from along the canals gives me more real satisfaction, and while the scenic stuff is all very well (and seems to be that which wins prizes at the camera club!) it’s not really where my “artistic” inclinations lie.

The group that went on the “shoot” is meeting again on Friday to discuss the results. That’ll be a good thing (now postponed in fact till next Friday!) in that any conversation about photography is a potential learning experience. There is a basic intention to repeat the “outing” once or twice before the club gets back under way in September, and I would hope to steer them to a more “gritty” topic for at least one of those sessions! I also have a personal plan to walk the length of the A64 York Road from Leeds city centre to Crossgates and see what I can find in the way of images ……

Meanwhile, here’s these! 15 images spread over the three locations. I hadn’t sought to extend the exposure times at the waterfalls, but the water was moving very rapidly and the light wasn’t great, so the natural exposures have turned out about right I think. Not artificial and consequently cliched as is often the case, but with a genuine sense of the movement of the water. Of them all I quite like number 8, the leaf isolated on the stones in the river bed. This is actually an enlargement in the computer to produce an image which I hadn’t spotted through the viewfinder – serendipity, the photographer’s friend!

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