Adel Dam …. and the YMG June 2012

Leeds has a number of very fine parks which are a wonderful and sometimes undervalued facility. One of them is known as “Golden Acre Park” and is a 15 minute drive from where we live, and we visit quite often usually without the camera. Attached to it is a small nature reserve called Adel Dam which is basically woodland with a couple of ponds and a stream, and a couple of birdwatching hides. It’s not very big and so has its limitations, but is very pleasant nonetheless.

These pictures are a bit twee for my taste really, but I’m secretly quite pleased with them, especially the first 4. I know that small furry animals are about a “chocolate box top” as they come, but this young squirrel perching on his branch while (presumably) his/her parents scavenged in the undergrowth below was irresistable. The fungal growth was unlike anything I’ve ever seen; like small velvet cushions draped on the log. I’ve made some attempt to track down a name, but as yet have been unsuccessful.

“5” I’m not sure about. This little cascade is nicely shrouded by the leaves – or maybe the leaves are just an irritant and distract from the rocks and the water. I’m tending towards the latter – the ground was such that I couldn’t get the camera lens in front of them and so had to settle for this. Pretty place though.

The last two – azaleas? – were actually taken in the park itself, which is beginning to look quite lovely as what passes for summer this year slowly arrives. The thought was to come in close and use the junction between blue and yellow as a diagonal. Sort of works but nothing special!

The YMG – properly know as the Yorkshire Monochrome group. I came across this outfit when visiting their exhibition at Brighouse Library earlier in the year. They’re not a club, rather they are a gathering which happens monthly in Shipley, 10.00 till 4.00ish on the 2nd Sunday of the month. £15 gets one in, and includes a rather good buffet lunch with a glass of wine.

They’re not competition focussed at all (although many who come it seems belong to conventional camera clubs and satisfy their competitive needs that way!). Basically they meet to talk about photography, with an emphasis on b&w though colour is allowed! There’s a speaker as a rule for about half the time, and a kind of “bring and share” in which people can show their work and invite comment. They produce a couple of exhibitions in the course of a year. I really enjoyed my first visit and mean to go again as often as the diary allows.

Really refreshing just to be able to talk about the craft, and listen to the ideas and experiences of others. They have a website!

Also coming up ….. a trip out with some of the folk from the local camera club to take photos up and down Wharfedale and, I hope, the spend some time discussing the results. Things are looking up!

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