Lincoln March 22nd 2012

We spent a day in Lincoln – well, why not! In fact we’d been gifted some train vouchers and Lincoln was the most interesting sounding place in range, so to speak, so there we went. The trains ran on time, though I have to confess to the thought that the journey would have taken us half the time in the car and would have cost us less than the taxi fares to and from Leeds station! Still – an experience it was, and we greatly enjoyed it.

The images here then are fragments of that day. The city is of course dominated by the Cathedral, but Lincoln is much more than just a cathedral city. We enjoyed its waterfront area, which was where our “tour” began and ended. I don’t have a title for the sculpture (if that’s the correct genre?) stretched out above and across the River Witham, or indeed a name for the artist, but I greatly enjoyed the work which connects the two banks between “High Bridge” and the almost Monet-esque bridge a little lower down. The neatly arranged (in odd numbers of course) pigeons were a bonus!

I suppose we couldn’t not visit the cathedral, and I couldn’t not photograph it! It is a colossal structure close up and with wonderful detailing in that structure. I wanted to avoid the cliches and so looked for interest in some of the details – hence the headless saints and the rocket that seems to offer 11 steps to heaven.

People watching is a city-centre sport of course, as is watching people watching people! The busker was excellent, and I fear that without using flash to catch his face, I haven’t really done him justice. The “tour” reached a fine conclusion in, or rather outside an Italian restaurant by the Brayord Pool eating an excellent meal – and this at the end of March at 5.00 pm or so!

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