Leeds & Liverpool Canal: Kirkstall to Calverley

This was, as the images suggest, one of those cold winter’s days that never quite get above freezing, and which demand a brisk walk without too many stops for pictures!  Indeed the camera stayed firmly in its bag until we made a brief stop for lunch, and so the resultant images were all made on the way back to the car.

Ice on the canal itself was an interesting feature.  The “ice map” of image 10 particularly interest me – there may yet be more to be done to it to bring out the colours and contrasts, but to my eye it has an uncanny resemblance to an aerial map of the UK.  The proportions aren’t quite right, but it has an English Channel, a North Sea, and even an Isle of Wight!

There are cliches here it’s true, but I like the serendipitous duck with his two groups of three and I think “Swan Lake” (9) has something going for it, and there’s something in the mood of the two “marina” shots of the moorings at Calverley (3) and Rodley (5) that speaks of a kind of winter tranquility that I rather enjoy.

Memories of a good walk if nothing more ……

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