Focal Lengths and Different Viewpoints.

I found this exercise very interesting, feeling that though this was something that I sort of knew about, exploring it in this way really brought home the difference that changing both focal length and position can have, as opposed to simply standing in one place and winding through the focal lengths on a zoom lens.

There are three trees on the left hand side between camera and pergola (and a fourth that emerges at 24mm). The apparent distance between them increases through the sequence, and the image gradually assumes a much more open and less complex character; the impression is almost of forest becoming relatively open parkland.

Image 3 at 30mm is the closest to a “natural” way of seeing, and certainly looks closest to the spacing and positioning in the scene as I recall it. The final image reduces the pergola to being little more than a part of the background, and it’s consequently less clear what is the subject of the picture; I think that 3, and to a lesser extent 2 give it appropriate prominence, framed by the trees, and show it as that to which the eye is drawn and towards which the “journey” is being made.

I have a fixed 30mm lens and on occasions have been quite pleased with the result of a photoshoot made exclusively with that lens. The sequence seems to affirm that impression.

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