Brimham Rocks 1: The tall rock pillar to the left is balanced by the greater, though shorter pillar to the right, and the vegetation on which it stands. Plainly there is nothing to the left of the lefthand pillar, and it has a slightly precarious look about it – an element of tension here perhaps, but to my eye there is a strength and solidity to the right hand side which will hold all in place.

Brimham Rocks 1.

Brimham Rocks 2: The image has a clear and firm centre in the rock, topped by vegetation, reinforced by the more distant crag in the background. Balance is maintained still further in the tree intruding to the left and the rock to the right. A safe and stable image.

Brimham Rocks 2

Brimham Rocks 3: Again a very secure image – the two table topped rocks left and right are pretty much on their respective thirds and the lower half of the scene is solid ground. While there is much detail in the image it is actually quite simple in its lay-out and structure and the three main elements, foreground (lower half of the image) and the two main rocks balance one another very solidly.

Brimham Rocks 3

Fishing Boats: I find the balance more complex here. Perhaps the two boats and their reflections are balanced by the crane and its reflection and attendant structures, but it is clear that there is some distance, forward and back, between the two “sides”. A balance perhaps between foreground and background then in a quite static and even tranquil picture, enhance by the stillness of the water.

Fishing Boats

Waiting for the Tide. This is split down the middle by the parallel pillar and ladder, extending into their reflections. The boy and his model boat balance left and right and somewhat diagonally with the floating dinghy and the reflected mooring lines. I’m not sure whether the pillar which frames the left hand edge of the picture upsets the balance – there is a dangling line to the right which mirrors it, although it’s relatively insubstantial. In the end I decided to leave it in on the basis that the presence of the two pillars more securely “anchors” the whole.

Waiting for the Tide

Salts Mill:  The chimney is central, but obviously behind the mill.  The prominently lit buttress to which the line of the weir leads is close to the third line as are the first set of silhouetted tree tops to the right.  The edges are held by trees and bushes on either side.  If there is a tension / dynamism in the picture, I think it derives from the mill effectively standing above the weir and occupying the top half of the picture.  There is, I think, a slight imbalance in that which puts the building in a dominant and commanding position in the landscape.

Salts Mill

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