Saltaire 24th November 2011

Saltaire, near Shipley in West Yorkshire, is a World Heritage site consisting of the textile factory and supporting village built by Sir Titus Salt on the banks of the River Aire in the mid 19th century.  The Mill itself now houses a collection of work by David Hockney.

The whole is photogenic at a number of levels and is on the list of places to return to as time goes on.  I enjoy the quality and colour of the stonework, and  the design of the mill and the accompanying Pace Building which has a sense of confidence and strength.  These are functional, utilitarian buildings in which goods and profits; but their design and decoration suggest that they are more than that and are a confident statement of Salt’s intentions.

I’ve added in a couple of black and white alternatives.  Monochrome works particularly well in this setting I think, and on this particular day brings out the drama in the sky above the mill buildings.

A word about trees ….. taken in late Autumn. the trees in Robert’s Park were pretty much leafless which, as I read in “A Bigger Message – conversations with David Hockney by Martin Gayford, is how Hockney best liked them!  The intricacy of their branches, shrouded by spring and summer leaves, becomes clear and their true shape is revealed.

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