Newhaven Creek 12th November 2011

I had about an hour spare before a family function and spent it wandering along part of the old fishing creek a Newhaven.  Further down river there’s a shiny, modern ferry port, but at this point it’s all a bit of a shambles and deteriorating rapidly.  There are indications, I should add, that rejuvenation is under way, but I have an almost perverse liking for deterioration as a photographic subject and these images are my preferred shots from the outing.

It was a gray, overcast morning and monochrome seemed to fit with that as well as with the general air of delapidation.  There are two exceptions, obviously; one of them the exuberant pub sign for Noah’s Ark and the other an attractive combination of vegetable and mineral in and around the rotting stump of what I take to have been a mooring post.

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