Fitting the frame to the subject.

These 4 images are of an ornamental lion at Saltaire in West Yorkshire.  I’m quite pleased with 3 of them ….. The first, general image has the lion framed by the building behind him and gives him space to look forward without peering directly out of the frame.  The third, which is the close-up of a section of the mane makes a pleasing abstract, which could be viewed at any of the four ways up.  The fourth shows the wider context of that over which he presides – the fence and the road edge offer leading lines – the lion seems almost to be holding his head disdainfully high rather than acknowledging the presence of the woman walking towards him.  It’s the second image that doesn’t really work in accordance with the brief and on reflection at home I can see quite easily how I should have approached this – simply by coming to the front of the plinth (which might have involved stepping into or even crossing the road to get the angle), I imagine I could have filled the frame with his head.  Possibly be going behind the sculpture I might well have been able to fill the frame with a long shot of the entire body.  Lesson learned – mea culpa!

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