I’m new to this ……..

…….. as may become staggeringly obvious!

I’m setting out on a course of study with the Open College of the Arts.  It’s a modular course which, at their suggested work rate, should take me seven years to complete, and if I’m successful, will reward me with a BA(Hons) in Photography.  Photography has been a hobby for much of my life and a more serious undertaking for the last 8 years or so.  I have recently retired, and that privileged state gives me the opportunity to give the time to consolidating that which I’ve learned informally (ie by a combination of trial and error and background reading), and extending my as yet elementary understanding of photography as an art form.  My sincere hope is that the course will give direction and content to that endeavour.

A significant feature of this “distance learning” course seems to be the keeping of a “learning log”, or in this virtual form a “learning blog”, which is what this is all about.  Thus far the process seems reasonably painless and straightforward; I’ll try posting an image or two along with the text, and we’ll see how we do!

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